Discord Username Rollout Tracker

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Rollout Status

Nitro Users1: March 1st 2023 (Completed)
Non-Nitro Users1: August 8th 2023 (Completed)
Remaining Users: March 2024 (Completed)



When will I get my username?

You have it by now.

I'm in the correct category and timeframe and should have the "rollout", but I don't?!

This was an issue, but no more is it an issue.

What does the "up to (month)" mean?

This means up to the end of that month.
For example, if the wave stopped for Non-Nitro users at March 2019, then that means everyone in that category should have it up to the end of that month.

How do I learn more about this change / is there another way of tracking?

To learn more, you can visit the official Discord support page: https://dis.gd/usernames.
I also suggest checking out hampuskraft's tracker where you can view anonymized user-submitted data (also, there's a neat graph too!)

How often did the data / page update?

About every 5 minutes. You could also manually trigger a refresh, which would reset the 5 minute counter. The data may have been initially out of date as we used multiple reports as evidence, to avoid misinformation.

What are the times?!

To help you understand where the tracker is, 99% of this page is in your local timezone.
To convert it or use it elsewhere, click on the time that appears in your time. You may select the text in the tooltip or double-click it to copy the UNIX timestamp to the clipboard.

Is this official / What's your source?

Sadly, this is unofficial. Note that the sources vary, but sources are mainly from Discord Admins, which is an official Discord server.

I want to report an issue / report a update / use the API / talk to you / etc...

You can reach out to me via Discord at @thecodingguy.
As far as the API goes: as of April 22, 2024, the API has been shut down.


1Discord will only consider you a "Nitro User" as long as all of the following are true:
   -> You had Nitro on or before March 1st, 2023 AND continue to keep it until you receive the change
   -> You got your Nitro back within the grace period (typically around 3 days), if you had lost it
   -> Your Nitro is NOT Nitro Basic (Nitro Classic will be honored, if you're wondering)
   -> You do not have a Nitro Trial, as those were in May
   (CLARIFICATION PENDING) If you were gifted Nitro after the above mentioned date, you may not be considered a Nitro user